International Scholastic Journal of Science

Volume 14, Issue 1, January-December, 2020

From the Editors


1. Foot Velocity and Coefficient of Restitution in a Soccer Ball
  Thomas Bulow

2. Sucrose Concentration and Vitamin C in Pickled Guavas
  Athipattaraphong, K., Chairatchaneeboon, M., Chotnapalai, P., Park, S.

3. Friction Coefficient of a Ladyfinger Banana Peel
  Boonrawd, T., Neerapattanagul, S., Son, G., Thaweesuksathain, J.

4. The Kinematics of Falling Pterocymbium Tinctorium Seeds
  Ikegami, A., Pornananrat, N., Vuthipraphan, C., Boonvilai, T.

5. Water Depth and Frequency of a Jingdezhen Bowl
  Thirada Boonrawd

6. The Hot Chocolate Effect in Water and in Foam
  Raaid R. Tanveer


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