International Scholastic Journal of Science

Volume 18, Issue 1, January-December, 2024

From the Editor


Dear Readers,

Now that the world is fully recovered from the pandemic, we are getting back into the swing of student researchers publishing their work in ISJOS! The 2024 issue starts off with a pair of papers by a collaborative research project between students from Kamnoedvit Science Academy (KVIS) and International School Bangkok.

The first paper tests a previously published model predicting the effect of the thickness of the water layer touching the inner walls of a wineglass and the pitch of the glass when tapped. They show that the model does not hold for layers less than 20 mm. The second paper, of interest to tennis players, maps the coefficient of restitution as a function of where on the racket head the ball hits.

We at ISJOS hope that the papers in our journal continue to inspire secondary students around the world to dream of publishing their own original research and making a contribution to our scientific understanding of a small corner of our world. We encourage students to submit their original, entry-level research to the ISJOS for review.

Jonathan Eales, PhD
Editor, ISJOS