International Scholastic Journal of Science

Volume 17, Issue 1, January-December, 2023

From the Editor


Dear Readers,

We at ISJOS are proud to present the first two papers of the 2023 issue. Our first paper is the first published paper on the properties of Nyltech (a proprietary material) ukulele strings. It develops and validates a theoretical model for predicting string frequency given the Young’s Modulus and thermal expansion at a range of temperatures. The second paper adds to our collection of studies of the aerodynamic properties of the winged seeds of tropical trees, with this paper looking at Hopea oderata, a tree native to Southeast Asia.

Now that the Covid is considered endemic, with schools and activities back to normal, we hope for a productive year of publication for ISJOS.

We at ISJOS hope that the papers in our journal continue to inspire secondary students around the world to dream of publishing their own original research and making a contribution to our scientific understanding of a small corner of our world. We encourage students to submit their original, entry-level research to the ISJOS for review.

Jonathan Eales
Editor, ISJOS