International Scholastic Journal of Science

Volume 15, Issue 1, January-December, 2021

From the Editor


Dear Readers,

Our first paper of the 2021 issue is an in-depth study on how picking location affects the sound quality of an acoustic guitar. The paper confirms some theoretically expected phenomenon, and discovers some interesting new points, while elucidating the physics behind what many guitarists know from experience. We continue with a paper studying the effect of temperature on the Thai ching percussion instrument. Our third paper fills a gap in the published data for the behavior of a table tennis ball bouncing off a paddle. Previous studies did not include very high or very low speeds in the normal range of play. Our last paper of the year isolates the effect of temperature on the energy loss of a basketball during a bounce. Each of the papers in this issue adds to our knowledge of how the world works.

We at ISJOS hope that the papers in our journal continue to inspire secondary students around the world to dream of publishing their own original research and making a contribution to our scientific understanding of a small corner of our world. We encourage students to submit their original, entry-level research to the ISJOS for review.

Jonathan Eales
Editor, ISJOS