International Scholastic Journal of Science

Volume 13, Issue 1, January-December, 2019

From the Editor


Dear Readers,

October. Over the middle part of the year we have published three more papers. The first was a paper by Tee Monsereenusorn on the characteristics of a badminton smash. Tee worked with ISJOS Associate Editors Juwon Kim and Alessio Amaolo to prepare the paper for publication. The second paper, by Barbara Walkowiak of Batory High School, Warsaw, looked at the antioxidant properties of dried and fresh spices. Most recently, Marvin Limpijankit, working with Associate Editors Bryan Ahn and Kunwoo Song, published a paper looking at the coefficient of restitution of a squash ball impacting the wall at different velocities. We are proud of the efforts of the authors and editors, and are proud of the contributions to our knowledge in various fields that these papers represent.

March. We at, the publishers of ISJOS, continue to work on our mission of turning science students into scientists. This past year we have continued our work with Kamnoetvidya Science Academy developing the research abilities of students, and guiding them through the review and publication process. We have also started a new project working with the Princess Chulabhorn Science High Schools (PCSHS) group of schools to establish a bi-lingual (Thai and English) reviewed scientific journal, Chulabhorn Scholastic Journal of Science (CSJOS), to publish the research of PCSHS students. While the CSJOS is still in the launch phase, we are confident that it will grow into a platform that helps turn Thai high school science students into scientists.

Our first paper of the 2019 issue is a short paper examining the effect of pick thickness on the harmonic content of a guitar. While it is a simple paper, it is valuable in that, as far as the editor can determine, findings of this nature have never been published in a reviewed journal and it lays the foundation for further investigations into the sound quality of guitars and other stringed instruments.

We at ISJOS hope that the papers in our journal continue to inspire secondary students around the world to dream of publishing their own original research and making a contribution to our scientific understanding of a small corner of our world. We encourage students to submit their original, entry-level research to the ISJOS for review.

Jonathan Eales
Editor, ISJOS