International Scholastic Journal of Science

Volume 11, Issue 1, January-December, 2017

From the Editor


Dear Readers,

We start our third year of publishing with two papers, one, by Yuri Han, looking at the effects of sound stimulation on onion root growth, and the second, by Alessio Amaolo, describing how to make a pH indicator from the Butterfly Pea flower. Sarah Ohashi and Dolev Illouz were the Associate Editors who worked with the authors to prepare the papers for publications. Congratulations to all on producing two papers that represent valuable contributions to our understanding of the world.

We here at ISJOS hope that the papers in our journal continue to inspire secondary students around the world to dream of publishing their own original research and making a contribution to our scientific understanding of a some small corner of our world. We encourage students to submit their original, entry-level research to the ISJOS for review.


Jonathan Eales
Editor, ISJOS