International School Bangkok
Journal of Physics

Volume 5, Issue 1, January & Issue 2, June, 2011

From the Editors


1. Pipe Diameter and End Correction of a Resonant Standing Wave
  Taylor Boelkes and Ingrid Hoffmann

2. Helmholtz Resonance in a Water Bottle
  A. Balachandran, F. Watanabe, and J. Lim

3. Temperature, Frequency, and Young’s Modulus of an Aluminum Tuning Fork
  Zachery L. Greer

4. Resonance in a Cone-Topped Tube
  Angus Cheng-Huan Chia and Alex Chun-Hao Fann

5. Resonance and Neck Length for a Spherical Resonator
  Emily Corning

6. Tube Length and Water Flow
  Ben Ruktantichoke

7. Frequency and Transmission Intensity in a Can-Telephone
  Thomas Eliot


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