Volume 1, Issue 1, June, 2007

From the Editors

Dear Reader,

This is the inaugural issue of the International School of Bangkok Journal of Physics. As far as we know, ISB is the first high school to offer students the opportunity to publish their research in a scientific journal, so there are no models on how to start a scientific journal at the high school level.  Much time and effort went into this issue, both by us and the authors.

Many papers were submitted, and four were selected for publication.  Three of the papers were submitted by students who had already left ISB for university at the time of publication.  These were edited in the absence of the authors by the Editors of the Journal.  The fourth, by Mr. Jirakulpattana, was edited by the author in consultation with the Editors.

If you have any comments on the ISB Journal of Physics or the papers published in this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Jonathan Eales

Dr. Ian Jacobs