Volume 7, Issue 1, January-December, 2013

From the Editors

Dear Reader,

August, 2013

This is an important milestone for us as this marks the publication of the first paper in the International School Bangkok Journal of Science, after its revision and expansion from the ISB Journal of Physics.

We are proud of what we have accomplished at the ISB Journal of Physics in its six years of publication, with its listing on the Directory of Open Access Journals and its first reference in another journal, the Journal of Natural Sciences Research. We are now truly a member of the scientific community! We now look forward to continuing our work as the ISB Journal of Science.

Our first paper of this volume, investigating a ball bouncing on a plate, extends research published in 1990, adding to our understanding of this phenomenon.

November, 2013

As we approach the end of this issue year, we have published two more papers, one on the coefficient of restitution of a ball at very low pressures, and one on the deflection of a spinning Ping Pong ball. Both of these represent the Journal's increasing integration into the scientific community.

The first paper is an extension of a paper published in our Journal of Physics in 2009, confirming and extending its findings. The second paper is important as it has identified a flaw in a theoretical model published in a paper in the Journal of Special Physics Topics and proposes an improved model. This is a first for a paper in our Journal.

We are anticipating publishing our first papers in Biology and Chemistry before the end of this issue year, as we currently have several papers undergoing peer-review.

The research for the papers was conducted by ISB students and the papers were written by the authors and edited in consultation with the Editors. Papers were reviewed by members of the Journal's peer-review board. If you have any comments on the papers published in this issue, or would like to consult with the authors on their results, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Jonathan Eales
Editor, ISB Journal of Science